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About Us

MeasureCity Solution is division of Sai Enterprise Group to provide innovative technological solution to Service industries & Municipals to achieve complete business transformation
Our strong domain focus, a 360 degree technology offering and strong engineering background ensures a de-risked, best in class experience for our customers

Know Us Better

MeasureCity Solution helps Service Industries & Municipals to provide Solutions to enhance bottom lines that accelarate business.

MeasureCity Solution is led by domain specific experts.Together, We work to enhance respondent engagement, Higher completion rates & better participants from our expert panel.

  • One of the successful business partner to implemet GIS for SmartCity Services in Municipal Corporation.
  • One of the successful business partner to implement GIS in leading electric utility.
  • Successful solution provider to offer optimized FTTx design solution for TELCOs.
  • Spatial enable WorkFlow management solution provider to support utility domain for optimal Operation & maintenance

We have grown our capabilities to provide incredible values in end to end project needs for our clients.We combine cost efficacy and industrial standards to our innovative solutions.


Survey Solution

The Survey & Design group is an innovative consulting engineering division of MeasureCity Solution that offers a prompt service to its clients at a very reasonable rate with latest state of the art technology.

Telecom & Utility Solution

Business Rule-based Application developments is desired for end to end life sycle of cost effective Planning, Design & Network Build of large network.MeasureCity Solution is providing wide range of services to Telcos & Utilities for better Planning & operation of large Network

GIS Solution

MeasureCity Solution is a leading service provider in a field of Geospatial Data modeling, Mapping, survey & Digitization services

SmartCity Solution

Our domain knowledge covers, vehicle tracking, smart metering, smart lighting, Intelligent traffic management, amongst others

GIS Solution

We are a complete GIS application and development organization providing all the services and solutions for any geo-spatial enterprise needs. MeasureCity Solution has a group of highly skilled GIS & CAD experts technically enabled to implement GIS projects and customize their requirement besides giving support in projects related to Survey & Design. We have a fully equipped Remote Sensing wing, which look after all activities related to thematic mapping using remote sensing technologies. Activities of this wing include: thematic mapping, 3D mapping and contour generation, urban area mapping using high resolution satellite imageries besides supporting activities of other wings e.g. pipeline, railway line, road widening, forestry related studies etc.

Our expertise includes:
1. G.I.S / IT application & solution, besides extending services and training.
2. Remote Sensing & Digital Cartography.
3. GIS Database Design, Development & Conversion.
4. Application Development, Web GIS & Mobile GIS.
5. Urban Planning.
6. Scanning, Plotting and Printing Services.
7. Primary data collection.

Survey Solution

Our Expertise group of survey provides wide range of survey including Topographic Survey , Survey using GPS and Total Station & High precision survey using DGPS

We also conduct Hydrographic survey using Echo Sounder & Underground Locator Survey for utilities like pipeline etc

We are also involves in Civil surveys like Soil Resistivity survey using Resistivity Meter , Land Boundary Survey & Railway alignment Survey

IT Services

Over the passing years, MeasureCity Solution has been providing software solutions to various clients on different platforms and genres.

The technical team is engaged in providing range of various standalone applications and web-based solutions adhering to the different types of requirement of the clients.

We offer software services in:
1. Android Application
2. Front end tools (GUI)
3. Database management
4. E-Governance
5. Web GIS
6. Website Development/Maintenance
7. MIS

Call To Action

We are hiring. If you want to join MeasureCity Solution, please submit your resume at hr@measurecity.in.
We are eager to hear from you, feel free to post an inquiry.
For joint development of products, partner with us.

Work Culture, Values & Ethics

As a responsible corporate citizen, we invest heavily in research to find new ways of bringing about positive changes in our organization. A strong sense of social responsibility is an integral part of our value system


To be ethical and sincere in all our transactions so that employees and managers can safely admit mistakes and can openly deal with problems and challenges.


Excellence involves trying to put quality into everything you do, and this attitude tends to separate the achievers, who make rapid strides in their career from others.

Client Value

As a cutomer obessed organisation, We consistently work to surpass client expectations.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking unboxes us, marrying both conventional problem solving methods and intuition.

Our Team

MeasureCity Solution has grown the division into a team that covers everything from Survey strategy , Business process reengineering and customer insights to analytics and data science

A Strong & Highly trained technical team.

We have strong engineering base software engineers with more than four years of working experince in respective domains.
We have established a team culture which provides an excellent enviroment for engineers to learn mutually.

Our Confidence

Confidence is a conviction that we have some control over our own lives and that we can influence the world around us.
The strength of our confidence lies in the potential and capabilities we have , resulting in overall success

Exceptional Qualities

MeasureCity Solution has prioritized quality from beginning . Lying in very low "defeat density" is a result of expert problem solving teams.Experienced in producing efficient result for our clients

Exceptional On Time Delivery

Our teams continuosly focus on improvement of quality for 100% delivery performance.We have demonstrated to our customers a state of art technologyand shaping their dreams into reality.

MeasureCity Solution

Shaping the dreams of cities

Goplani Bhawan,Opp. Water Works,Near Police Chowki,
Pur Road,
Bhilwara (Rajasthan) - 311001


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